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Barrier Materials
Whether you are seeking moisture, gas, or light barrier protection, we have available substrates to do the job. Roll stock, cut sheets and sealable pouches can be provided to meet your requirements. Material grades can range from poly-coated papers to mil B 131 barrier film.

Coated Papers
If you are seeking moisture protection, perhaps a polyethylene coated Kraft liner board will work for you. Maybe the Non-stick release characteristics of silicone or Quilon is a better choice? Is Grease resistance or some other properties in a packaging or interleaving material necessary.


Closed cell foams, indented bogus paper and film suspension systems are examples of materials that can provide cushioning protection. We define cushioning as the ability of a material to absorb shock. Depending on the size, shape, weight, and fragility, Judd offers products to do the job. If you're protecting valuable jewelry, our Amcraft lined miniature envelopes may be the solution. Or if you have a heavy item, like a pump or motor, a custom designed molded pulp or die-cut foam may be right for you.  Molded pulp can be produced to fit an item up to a size of a pallet.


When papers are laminated together for the purpose of building up thickness, strength or to achieve other properties, the end product is considered to be paperboard. Typically, paperboards are used in sheet form, while 30-65 mil thick boards are available in roll form as well. Other versions, or shapes, can be produced for specific applications.

One common example of a shape is when paperboard is formed to a 90-degree angle. This structure, Angle Board, is often placed vertically at the four corners of a palletized load of boxes to secure the load and increase its stability. It is also used to prevent strapping from damaging boxes.

Another version of shaped paperboard is a  “U” channel which can be produced up to 40 feet in length. This “U” shape can be produced with customer specific dimensions to fit over long, straight & narrow objects such as a door or lighting fixture. An extension of the “U” shape is to add a top cover that fits over the base piece forming a crate. This wood replacement packing method is fast and effective, and the double side-wall (created by adding additional thickness to the sides with the top cover) provides exceptional torque resistance. We refer to this as beam strength.

Paperboards can be produced with colored top sheets for aesthetics, and with virgin pulp for applications such as archival storage boxes.

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