Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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Why choose Softwrap?

Softwrap is a low abrasive Packaging Tissue designed to prevent tarnishing of silver.  

The unique pale mint color provides an exceptional background for a storefront display or sales/awards presentation. Your product will have a luxurious look, while being protected by the highest quality tissue to ensure the product arrives with an unmistakable brilliance.

The convenience of the 1 inch courtesy folded edge allows staff to easily remove only one 2-ply sheet for each wrap, even while wearing gloves. This ensures that little or no waste occurs and the product can be handled with ease, saving money and labor time.

100% Virgin/Sulfur-Free Pulp.

Softwrap uses two 10.8# (lb.) sheets stitched together for a 2-ply construction.

For a list of all the available sizes and prices see the Softwrap Brochure

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